This application compatible with the AirPods promises to help the persons with auditory loss for a pair of hundreds of euros opposite to more than 1.000 euros that a traditional device can cost. And it is not the only one, every time there is more and better options

What would happen if the earphones were replaced by a pair of wireless earphones and an application for smartphone?

This could be possible thanks to a start-up Switzerland responsible for the application Fennex, launched for IPhone recently and that works with the wireless headphones of Apple AirPods of 135 euros. The CEO of the company of the same name, Alex Mari, defends that he chose the devices and the mobile platform of Apple in part because of its popularity, and partly because it believes that an Android phone would take longer to process the sound.

The app Fennex, currently free (although you have to pay for certain features), is still taking its first steps. Mari explains that the current version works as a “headset cheap”: just test the hearing of the user in each ear and uses the results to act as an amplifier adjustable custom.

For example, if you have trouble listening in a class, you could place your phone near the lectern and sit a few rows behind to hear the explanation with your AirPods.

But the improvements are coming, explains Mari: The application will be gaining features that will help reduce unwanted noise and interference from the microphone. Besides, beyond helping people who just want to listen better in some situations, the software could also work with the Apple hardware and become a viable alternative to a hearing aid regulate for those people who have moderate hearing loss, argues. The responsible confirms: “We want to come as close as possible to hearing aid technology”.

The Swiss company is not the first that gets into this type of applications, the use of smart phones and headphones to improve hearing is already a trend in vogue, both to help people with hearing loss as well as for those who just want to be able to adjust the way in which they listen. There are already some similar applications that work with headphones and Smartphones, as Petralex, as well as headphones expertise to work with their own applications for smart phones, as Here One of Doppler Labs. Unlike the headphones, whose price can reach up to 1,000 euros the torque, these hearing devices can cost a few hundred euros more than the price of a smartphone.

Within the market, Fennex claims to be the only application designed specifically for the AirPod and, because Apple is clearly moving away from the traditional model of headphones (removed from the package of the iPhones launched last year and included only your charger patented Lightning) it is possible that in the next few years the AirPods are much more present.

The distinguished professor of sciences of speech and hearing at the University of Indiana Bloomington (USA), Larry Humes, is optimistic and believes that an invention as Fennex yes could replace a headset traditional for those with a hearing loss from mild to moderate. The professor believes that the step taken recently by the US legislation, that obliges the Food and Drug Administration to create a new class of hearing aids of free sale. It could also help to this possibility, since it is expected that this measure will lead to a range of products related to the hearing that the people will be able to obtain without the need to visit a doctor.