Despite the title, that nobody takes the hands to the head. Yes, is the second installment of the game. Yes, goes from cars and races. But everything that revolves around it feels so new that looks like a video game completely different. Has mutated. Has changed from skin, though it retains some aspects such as their visuals. “Project Cars 2” represents a real return of nut.

It has been completely renovated. Absolutely everything has been touched, with the exception of the reproduction of the vehicles, which continue to represent a remarkable level of detail. Lighting, reflections, textures and colors is an ode to the wheel. The beauty of the lines of these machines of 500 or 600 CV is truly amazing despite some strange shadows-with it, the game manages to maintain to some extent the pulse against «Forza Motorsport 7», another of the recent titles of races and with the

And with which you will have to fight hard.

In total, the game includes some 180 different vehicles belonging to 30 marks (Ferrari, Ford, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mitsubishi…). All are free of charge. Are available from the start. Are distributed in nine categories, which are strolling among the Indycar, GT4, the classics, rallycross… In regard to the scenarios, are 60 tracks (139 paths) The Ready to burn wheel. But where more effort has been made is in the playability. In a nutshell, the game has turned toward greater difficulty. This is felt in every situation. Since the output one already realizes that win is not the only thing. The fun is in the background because everything is wrapped in skill, accuracy and control at the wheel.

This challenged decision to bring to end the simulation and realism in the race has its counterpart; you can eject the player that is dropped from time to time. But thanks to this change in the approach the game becomes, sopetón, in a real and constant challenge that takes the player to think more in the tactic and in doing it well before depressing the fund with the accelerator. It is not a question purely of tip speed;  it is a major challenge, of turning into a good pilot.

Again, the dynamic climatology, one of the big contributions of the first delivery, has a lot of weight in the conduction. It has been reinforced, achieving with it new variants and suggestions. The state of the track, with it, turns into a world for exploring, Because it affects the performance, the visibility and the grip. Is an element that plays against the system itself. As regards the system of pilotage, the true grace of all this, it is necessary to highlight that requires patience and great precision to control the cars.