The firm Arkup has developed a new way of life that proposes the use of renewable energies and the possibility to move your house of place. The Livable Yatchs are a housing proposal that works in a friendly way with the environment.

These houses operate from solar energy and do not have carbon emissions. They are a kind of yacht built to withstand Category 4 hurricanes, as they have a hydraulic system that elevates them to avoid floods.

With the possibility of moving through bays or anchoring in the nearest marine, these houseboats retake the way of life of some civilizations in the Netherlands and some coasts of the United States that decide to live on the sea.

Floating Homes feature 4 G technology, satellite TV, WI-Fi and a modern design. In addition, they have electric thrusters of 136 horsepower which can rotate 360 degrees to change location.