Do not abuse the flash. The user has to use it only when it is really needed. If you flash a nocturnal landscape, it will be only the first two meters that illuminate, leaving the rest of the scene dark. On these occasions, it is advisable to use an extra light source, like an external flash, a flashlight or even the light of another mobile.

So that the photos go out clear and focused, the user has to focus with the finger, that is to say, to touch the screen to focus, better than the shooter. This way, he will make sure that has the most important of the scene perfectly in focus. It is not necessary to forget the stabilization. It is habitual to need a support, tripod or similar so that the night photos do not go out blurred. To have a good point of rest, as Blond has pointed, it can mark the difference.

Pay attention to the diaphragm. The night photography requires use devices that allow you to have a great opening of diaphragm. Thus, the user will not be lost any detail by very low luminosity you have in your scene. In this regard, Honor 9 account with an opening of diaphragm from f/0.95 to f/16 minutes. With its night mode, the phone automatically selects the exposure time you need. In the absence of light, the photos takes more in ‘cooked’ that in the full light of day.

For this reason, adjust the exposure time – or the time that the shutter is open – to capture the perfect shot is fundamental. In city, even at night, the exposure time needed does not usually go beyond five or ten seconds; however, in the field, without light, may take up to several minutes. The night mode of Honor 9 also makes the ‘smartphone’ to automatically select the exposure time you need.

When the user is in places with a lot of movement of people, cars, illuminated signs… must use a prolonged exposure to capture that bustle at night. On the contrary, if the photo is static, with an exposure time under will be sufficient, as has nuanced the photographer. The user has to ‘freeze’ the movement of people. Use a shutter speed fast enough – Short Exposure – to your night portrait convey the emotion of the moment. However, if the speed is very fast, you may run the risk that the picture is dark.

Customize the white balance, since each situation has a different color and therefore if the user chooses the color temperature in each photo, this will look better. Before the question of whether to use a simple approach or continuous, the photographer has advised that if the user clicks a selfies or photo to monuments or static subjects, you must use a method of simple approach.